I don't want to be weak and cry anymore...

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How do you do? My name is Chihiro Fujisaki. I'm not the best at self introductions.. but it's nice to meet you!

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Relationship status: Taken.

((This is an independent roleplay blog for Chihiro Fujisaki from Dangan Ronpa. IT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. All interactions assumed to be online, unless otherwise stated. Post-death.))


(The wasp has made a wasp cake for the birthday boy. And it’s not filled with other wasps this time.)

Y-You made this..!? Wasp-kun, you’re amazing..!

Hamako smiled to her good friend, holding out a small jewelry box. "Happy birthday, Chihiro-san." Inside was a half of a charm that said "Best" attached to a silver chain necklace.

Bashfully, Chihiro accepted the gift. He bowed his head gratefully as he opened the small box. He was surprised to find the cute gift inside! “Th-Thank you so much, Koko-san..! This is so kind of you..!” 

Happy birthday, Chihiro-san! I hope you enjoy your day!

Thank you very much, Setsuko-san!

"...your birthday is today as well?"

"Y-You have the same birthday? Happy birthday..!!"

Yooo happy bday man!! - Keita

Th…Thank you, Iijima-kun! 

Happy birthday, Fujisaki! ^^

Thank you, Kanai-san!


(( About to answer some happy birthday asks for Chihiro! I’m so sorry that they’re late, I haven’t been able to get online until now!!))

"Yo! Happy birthday, Chihiro! I didn't know what to get ya', so I just got a... stuffed rabbit thing, if that's alright." He tried. He truly did.

Chihiro stared at the stuffed rabbit for a moment. It reminded him a lot of the one he had owned when he was younger. He smiled kindly to the other boy. “Thank you so much, Kuwata-kun..! You didn’t have to get me anything, but..” he extended his hands, accepting the gift. “I promise to take good care of it! Thank you!” 

Hey, Fujisaki-kun! Happy birthday! I can't believe you're one year older. Have a really joyful day!

Th..Thank you, Naegi-kun! I really appreciate it! Your words mean a lot to me. 

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